Feb 22, 2007
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Thursday, February 22 , 2007
The STAR Act Revisited
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The Student Aid Reward Act (known as STAR) made its debut nearly two years ago when it was introduced by Republican Representative Tom Petri and Democrat George Miller. At that time, the STAR Act did not reach voting status. During a recent news conference, STAR was reintroduced.

The purpose of the Student Aid Reward Act is to make more financial assistance available to students without raising the costs for taxpayers.
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Understanding Federal Aid is as Easy as 1-2-3
Despite the available information on funding, the large packets distributed by colleges, and the talks with financial aid counselors, it is still very possible to not understand the basics of federal aid. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to three major government programs.
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Gamma Eta Gamma, University of Minnesota Law School, Minneapolis, MN

By Mary Waldron

Gamma Eta Gamma, University of Minnesota Law School, Minneapolis, MN

The Gamma Eta Gamma house
Thinking about applying to the University of Minnesota Law School? If so, Gamma Eta Gamma may be just the place for you. Founded in 1966, the University of Minnesota's chapter of this coed law fraternity, which was at one time based out of nearly 100 other U.S. schools, is the only one left standing. Gamma Eta Gamma's stomping grounds are located only minutes from the school's campus, in the middle of Minneapolis' Dinkytown area. In addition to providing the opportunities to live in a fabulous historical home, befriend 14 other law students, and host hip gatherings and parties every year, this fraternity house offers rent at a real bargain.
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Consolidating Debt
Become Debt Free in Five    Years
The Benefits of Federal Loan    Consolidation
Planning for Successful    Repayment
LSL—Applications Without    Aggravation
Schumer and Snowe unhappy about abandoned tuition tax deduction

U.S. Senators Charles E. Schumer and Olympia Snowe are seeking answers as to why college tuition tax cuts were left out of the 2008 budget proposal submitted by the Bush administration. Schumer was instrumental in passing a law in 2001 that allotted a deduction of as much as $4,000 to middle-income families and a deduction of $2,000 to families with higher incomes. Schumer contends that the absence of funding for the deduction in the 2008 budget is another example of the president's "misplaced priorities."
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Pell Grant Equity Act introduced

Thousands of students will benefit if a new piece of legislation introduced by Representative Buck McKeon and Representative George Miller is passed by Congress. The Pell Grant Equity Act would repeal the "tuition sensitivity" rule that reduces the annual maximum Pell Grant amount for students attending colleges and universities with lower tuition costs. McKeon said that students should not face the prospect of losing grant aid based on the institutions they choose to attend. According to McKeon, the legislation would remove the incentive for low-cost institutions to increase tuition and make more students eligible for the maximum Pell Grant.
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