Mar 22, 2007
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Thursday, March 22 , 2007
New York Attorney General Discovers Dishonest Alliances between Schools and Student Loan Companies
By Brooke Heath Print this Page
Stack of Dollar

Last week, New York State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo sent letters to more than 400 colleges and universities throughout the country, including all in New York State, warning them to end relationships with lenders that have the potential to mislead students and compromise their abilities to obtain the best rates on their student loans.
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New In-School Deferment Status for Graduate Students with Direct PLUS Loans
By Brooke Heath

The Department of Education implemented a new policy last week that will allow graduate and professional students with Direct PLUS Loans to automatically be enrolled with in-school deferment status based on information reported by schools through the Enrollment Reporting Process (formerly known as the SSCR).
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The Three Major Legal Fraternities

By Heather Jung

The Three Major Legal Fraternities

Many law students join legal fraternities.
While the term "fraternity" often prompts thoughts of binge drinking, partying, and hazing at local frat houses, professional, coed fraternities are societies whose main goal is to unite those interested in a particular profession. The three international law fraternities (Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Delta Phi, and Delta Theta Phi) have deep-rooted histories in some of the most prestigious law schools across the country.
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Consolidating Debt
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Planning for Successful    Repayment
LSL—Applications Without    Aggravation
Senators urge Budget Committee to increase the Pell Grant

Led by Russ Feingold, a bipartisan group of about 40 senators sent a letter to the Senate Budget Committee pressing for an increase in the maximum Pell Grant award for fiscal year 2008 from $4,310 to $5,100. The senators also penned their support for need-based financial aid programs such as the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and the Perkins Loan Revolving Fund.
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Briggs likely to be Assistant Secretary of Education for Elementary and Secondary Education

Kerri L. Briggs, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development in the Department of Education, is likely to become Assistant Secretary of Education for Elementary and Secondary Education in the Bush administration. President Bush nominated Briggs for the post. She earlier served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of the Deputy Secretary for the Department of Education and worked on matters pertaining to the No Child Left Behind Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
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