Apr 19, 2007
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Thursday, April 19 , 2007
Minnesota Senate Introduces Bill to Improve Students' Spending Habits
By Brooke Heath Print this Page
Stack of Dollar

Recently, a bill was introduced to the Minnesota Senate that would require incoming college freshmen to enroll in a personal finance course during their orientation.

Introduced by Steve Dille (R-Dassel), S.F. 1264 would insist that Minnesota state colleges and universities offer students this crash course in personal finance in hopes of improving students' spending habits. The course, according to the Minnesota Senate, would provide students with information and skills training in personal financial management, including the responsible use of consumer credit. However, the requirement may be waived for students who enroll in courses that provide similar information.
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Community College Requires Students to Learn Online
By Brooke Heath

In an effort to help its students become well-rounded and better prepared to enter the workforce, Northwest State Community College in Archbold, OH, will require that all students take at least one online course prior to graduating.

Faculty and staff at the college feel that implementing this plan will help students to develop independent research and discovery skills, which they claim are important to potential employers.
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Bookworms Can Learn from Social Butterflies

By Jen Woods

Bookworms Can Learn from Social Butterflies

Spending time with friends can foster a successful career, in addition to a happy personal life.
The demands of law school are grueling, and many law students end up sacrificing their social lives just to keep up. While they're studying for class, their friends are meeting new people at parties, going on dates, and doing all the other fun stuff college kids do. But law school is not just about good grades. What many people don't realize is that hanging out with friends can actually foster a successful career, in addition to a happy personal life.
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University of Louisville tuition to increase again

Tuition rates in Kentucky are set to rise. The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education has approved tuition increases ranging from $180 to $618 dollars for public universities. Effective beginning with the 2007-2008 academic year, the increases will affect several institutions, including the University of Louisville. The college's trustees have approved a 9.9% tuition hike. This raises tuition for in-state undergraduates by $309 per semester, to $3,435. The increase will help the university hire new faculty members, augment scholarships, improve academic programs, and account for increasing health-insurance and utility expenses.
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Don Davis named UT's acting director of financial aid

The University of Texas has named Don Davis as its acting director of financial aid. Davis, who is currently serving as Associate Director of the Office of Student Financial Services, will now oversee the day-to-day functions and administration of the office. The move comes as a result of paid leave given to Lawrence Burt, the office's associate vice president and director. Burt's paid leave was required on account of investigations alleging conflicts of interest.
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